The School of Science provides the foundation of both scientific literacy that are essential components of a broad education for all students. In addition, the school’s coursework establishes and emphasises depth of disciplinary knowledge as well as connections between and among disciplines.

The School of Science is dedicated to maintaining high quality instruction characterized by a focus on the education of individual students, an innovative and challenging curriculum, and high academic standards.

Message from the Dean

I welcome you to the School of Science, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. The school is a home to three departments namely; Statistics and Actuarial Science, Chemistry and Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

Currently the School is running the following undergraduate programs and post graduate programs; BSc. Actuarial science, BSc. Industrial Chemistry, BSc. Leather technology, BSc. Polymer Science and BSc. Mathematics and Modelling. The MSc. programs on offer are MSc. Leather Technology, MSc. Chemistry and MSc. Applied Statistics.

The School is known for high quality education and research in the Sciences with collaborative partnerships within and outside Kenya.

The student-centered approach of teaching at the school is geared towards ensuring that our graduates acquire high level problem solving skills, independent thinkers and adaptable to new situations that will confront them in the real world. In addition it equip students  with the skills necessary to thrive in today’s fast-changing and competitive workplace and open up a range of new employment opportunities.