Vision Statement;

The Department aims to become an international center of excellence in research in Statistics and Actuarial Science, a premier department in providing up-to-date education in Statistics and Actuarial Science at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and a key contact point for consultative advice by local, national and regional users of statistical methodologies.

Mission Statement;

The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science is committed to the advancement and application of innovative methods in the statistical and actuarial sciences to address important problems arising in science, technology and industry, excellence in training undergraduate and graduate programs, and a commitment to the advancement of the discipline through professional service.

Quality Policy;

To provide quality education to the students enabling them excel in their respective disciplines to cater for the changing and challenging needs of industry.


The department aims to:-

  1. Develop and maintain a strong and quality human resource base for optimum performance within the Department.
  2. Integrate teaching and research for preservation and effective application of knowledge and skills.
  3. Improve, develop and establish teaching and research programmes that are aligned to the country’s social, economic and political development needs.
  4. Develop and promote quality and market driven academic and professional pursuits.
  5. Contribute to the expansion, strengthening, and sustaining the University income base, and to monitoring and maintaining a sound financial management system.
  6. Develop and promote a culture that emphasizes commitment to the University’s vision, mission, values and image.
  7. Strengthen and expand collaboration and partnership with industry and other organizations.
  8. Establish a culture of good governance in leadership and management of the University.
  9. Develop and enhance the department’s infrastructure and facilities on a sustainable and need basis.
  10. Stimulate the intellectual participation of students, staff and alumni in economic, technological and professional development.

The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science (STACS), originally established in 2008 as the Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences (MPS). In September 2009 the Department was split into the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science (STACS) and the Department Mathematics and Physical Science. The Department plays the usual cross-School role inherent in the nature of the subject and services almost all other school in the university. For purposes of planning and administration the Department is within the School of Science. The Department serves the University and the discipline of Statistics and Actuarial Science through the interrelated functions of teaching, consultation and research.

The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science is among the top academic units for statistical and actuarial science in the county and is home to an active full-time team working in diverse and exciting areas including; as Inferential Theory, Survey Theory, and Experimental Designs to Applied Statistics areas such as Operations Research, Econometrics, Financial Time Series Analysis, and Financial Risk Management. The Department is also home to over 300 undergraduate students in the Actuarial Science course.