Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry. I am so pleased and honored to be the Chair of this eminent department!. We are currently offering the following programmes: MSc in Leather Technology, BSc in Industrial Chemistry, BSc in Leather Technology, and Diploma in Leather Technology.

Our department continues to make amazing strides in education. Our staff and students continue to gather a remarkable progress in academic pursuits, cohesion, and participate in community linkages. We are fortunate to have a dedicated and talented staff who keep the department running smoothly. Graduates from these programmes have been successful in their careers and others have also ventured in their own business using the knowledge and skills learned in DeKUT. Your journey to an exciting and rewarding career can start here and our experienced staff will provide the guidance and training for you to begin your journey. Do not hesitate to ask anyone in our department, staff or student, about their experiences at DeKUT. I am confident that you will get a positive response.