About Us

The department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences is in the School of Science. It has highly qualified and dedicated members of faculty with expertise in various fields related to Mathematics and Physics. Our mandate is to design curricula, teach undergraduate and postgraduate students, carry out research and extension work related to the two disciplines as well as promote their applications in the society.

The aim of the Department is to pursue excellence through excellence in teaching, research and community service. This objective is being achieved through professionalism and commitment in the execution of duty. As a department, we ensure that students pursuing PhD, Masters, Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate programs are equipped with relevant skills.

Our faculty members enjoy interacting and dealing with students from across all disciplines in the university. Part of what the faculty does is to encourage students to understand and use intuitive and logical modes essential to their studies and future careers. We also strive to nurture a strong passion for Mathematics and Physics in our students by offering co-operative education oriented to solving practical real life problems.


To be a center of excellence in pursuit of development, dissemination, application and preservation of knowledge in Mathematics and Physical Sciences.


To achieve excellence in three areas of Scholarship, Teaching, and provision of service to meet societal needs in business, industry, academics, government and research, with an emphasis on applications.

Core values

  • Professionalism and Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Resourcefulness
  • Competence
  • Creativity and Innovativeness


The objectives of the department are:

  1. To provide and maintain high quality teaching, research and consultancy services in Mathematics, Physics and all allied areas.
  2. Create a center of excellence for Applied Mathematics, Physics and all relevant Applications.
  3. Develop and maintain systems and structures that allow for sustained collaborative links with other units in the University and entities outside the University.
  4. To develop high quality programs in the fields of Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling and Physics attuned to the needs of the times and responsive to the challenges of the labor market.
  5. To initiate and promote research and income generating projects, aimed at supporting the University and labor market.

Our strengths

  • A well established and friendly department
  • Energetic and highly dedicated faculty
  • Good staff-student relations